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Flyer Advertising

Advertising in the TCTC Flyer is an economical way to reach the entire TCTC membership which includes several hundred runners in the Winston-Salem area. The TCTC Flyer with feature articles emailed bi-monthly (6 times per year) to the entire TCTC membership. The TCTC Flyer can be viewed here:  TCTC FLYER ONLINE

 Key Benefits

  •  Low Cost
  • Targeted Market
  • Online Advertising
  • Links to your website


Advertising Guidelines

  • Ads can be purchased on a bi-monthly or annual basis depending upon type and can run as long as the advertiser likes.
  • Ads must be submitted via email in image format (e.g. JPEG, GIF, PNG) as sized to match the ad type purchased.
  • We can create your ad at a rate of $100 per ad as long as you can provide the necessary information including, but not limited to, event information, logos, pictures. Necessary information must be submitted at least five business days before the submission date listed below.

Submission Deadlines

Issue                   Ad/Article Deadline 
Jan/Feb               Dec. 15
Mar/Apr              Feb. 15
May/Jun              Apr. 15
Jul/Aug                Jun. 15
Sep/Oct               Aug. 15
Nov/Dec              Oct. 15


Ad Pricing

Placement for all ads is the Home Page of and the bi-monthly distribution email
Year runs from July to June
15% discount available for members of Twin City Track Club

Monthly Advertising Submission


Ad deadlines are listed above
The TCTC Flyer is published 6 times per year
Advertisements received after the deadline will not be accepted. Ads will be included on a first come, first serve basis and availability cannot be guaranteed. 

Submission Form

Please submit your ad to by the submission deadline.

Twin City Track Club, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization • Our tax-id number is 56-1292364